Inna Van Der Velden, PhD

Inna Van Der Velden, PhD

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$147 for 30 min Session

$197 for 60 min Session


Chanelling the 5 Elements of Nature to scan your body and heal the DNA in your present and past lives. 

Inna Van Der Velden, PhD

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I am Inna Van Der Velden, Bachelor of Science (Hons), Licensed Acupuncturist, PhD, an International Healer and Instructor of the Traditional Chinese Medicine-based proprietary system ‘5 Elements Rejuvenation©’, which is designed to restore your physical and emotional health and to help you achieve your goals, such as health, financial, relationships, career, etc.

My Life Purpose and Passion is healing your deep DNA levels as well as ancestral energies of your past lives through channeled assistance by the Global Consciousness of Love and Wisdom of the 5 Elements of Nature: Water, Wood/Air, Fire, Earth, and Metal. You are to experience instant transformations in your body and emotions bringing you to a blissful state of complete Harmony and Peace.

I am trained internationally, mastering over 20 healing modalities, holding degrees, diplomas and certificates from 6 countries of the world: United Kingdom, China, Canada, US, Russia and Kazakhstan.

Being the author of the self-study book “Miracle of Five Elements Rejuvenation” (printed in Russian), I am here to teach you how to connect to the Forces of Nature at deeper levels so that you could use their immense energy resource for healing yourself and others at all times and in all life situations. This healing includes using the energy resources of plant, animal and mineral kingdoms as well as the highest frequencies of each element and mother Earth itself.