Karen Kan, MD

Karen Kan, MD

Rating: 4.85 / 5

$147 for 30 min Session

$197 for 60 min Session


I work with Millennial Light Warrior sensitive souls who need support and healing so they can express their true Soul's Mission. Using TOLPAKAN(TM) Healing, you and I connect to Source and I ask questions on your behalf related to whatever issue you wish to heal.   During the session we may cancel out negative energies (including healing negative entities), clear your blueprints, restore healthy boundaries, and/or download and activate positive blueprints. We can also do a session to discover who you really are (earth angel, indigo, Starseed, hybrid, empath, etc.) and what your Soul’s Mission is in this lifetime.

Karen Kan, MD

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Dr. Karen Kan is an Earth Angel Starseed physician and bestselling author specializing in spiritual medicine and the founder of the Academy of Spiritual Medicine. Through the process of healing her own debilitating illness, Dr. Karen is able to have intimate conversations with Source to help herself and her clients. Dr. Karen is often like a spiritual detective, uncovering the spiritual imbalances underlying all illnesses. And because of her medical background, she is able to ask detailed questions of Source that most others wouldn’t think of asking.

Her passion is empowering “sensitives” she calls Light Warriors, such as like Indigos, Earth Angels and Starseeds, to discover their innate gifts and healing abilities and to open the doorway for them to connect to Source and their Soul’s Mission. She particularly enjoys working with young Millennials who need guidance and healing.
Her empathic specialty is sensing and clearing Dark Spirit influences from her patients and clients from all timelines and dimensions and helping people navigate the Ascension with greater ease. Many of her clients are themselves powerful healers assigned to bring Light and Love to the world. Dr. Karen helps clear sabotaging influences and increases their Light back to its full potential.

Using her TOLPAKAN™ healing method, Dr. Karen works with patients with challenging health issues whom other doctors and healing professionals have been unable to help. Dr. Karen’s TOLPAKAN™ healing method combines Divine muscle testing and high vibrational healing frequencies. Dr. Karen’s Academy of Spiritual Medicine helps Light Warriors worldwide to heal themselves and radiate their Light to the rest of the world.