Rev Tom Hudson, PhD

Rev Tom Hudson, PhD

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$147 for 30 min Session

$197 for 60 min Session


Become the Hero of Your Life: Heal from Narcissistic Abuse; PTSD; Ancestral Karma & Family Constellation Clearing

Rev Tom Hudson, PhD

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At this time, Tom Hudson is accepting ONLY 60-minute sessions. Thank you.

Also, please NOTE; the focus that is required to do the type of work I do and get the results I get is diminished with visual input. I trust that you will understand that I want the best results possible and choose to do only audio sessions.

Rev Tom Hudson, Ph.D.

I am committed to servicing humanity, working non-denominationally, respecting my clients’ religious beliefs and personal boundaries, to provide a safe and trusting environment where all can find help with their personal and spiritual life challenges. I am extremely effective in sensing and helping to permanently “dissolve” the energy blocks that prevent my clients from moving beyond emotional, physical or spiritual pain, to increase the depth of their intimacy with Spirit, to get in touch with the passions of their Heart’s Desires, and thereby actively and effectively pursue the manifestation of their Soul’s Purpose, in both personal as well as business goals.


·         I bring 48 yrs. of professional career experience: allopathic medicine and alternative health care, with the most recent 15 yrs. in personal & spiritual growth & career coaching

·         I now focus selectively on spiritual/energetic methods of achieving one’s life goals, both personal and professional

·         My methods are effective in healing, resolving & recovering from emotional wounding during difficult (includes abusive) relationships

What to expect:

·         Clarity of Focus toward fulfillment of your Soul’s Purpose

·         Reconciling internal resistance to living your Heart's Desire

·         Resolving destructive family, ancestral and Karmic imbalances

·         Self – Empowered facilitation of effective skills to execute action steps

·         A straightforward plan with defined action steps focused on achieving your goals

·         Achieving Quantum Leaps toward living your Soul’s Purpose of Opulent Prosperity