Rev Tom Hudson, PhD

Rev Tom Hudson, PhD

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Become the Hero of Your Life: Heal from Narcissistic Abuse; PTSD; Ancestral Karma & Family Constellation Clearing

Rev Tom Hudson, PhD

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At this time, Tom Hudson is accepting ONLY 60 minute sessions. Thank you.

Also, please NOTE; the focus that is required to do the type of work I do and get the results I get, is diminished with visual input. I trust that you will understand that I want the best results possible and choose to do only audio sessions.

Rev Tom Hudson, PhD., brings 48 years of professional healthcare career experience to the table in assisting you to apply your spiritual gifts, enabling you to live the life of your dreams and fulfill your heart’s desire.

Tom's focus is, with great passion and commitment, to service the Spiritual Warriors on all levels to achieve prosperity in all aspects of life through advanced and deep core level spiritual healing facilitation; development of your spiritual gifts and the achievement of your Soul purpose, resetting your wealth blueprint, and personal life coaching & business mentoring.

The methods which Spirit has developed through Tom's life experience are extremely effective in healing, resolution, and full recovery from the traumatic abuse inflicted within a narcissistic co-dependent relationship. The emotionally rooted sypmtoms of PTSD which are inflicted within narcisso-sympathic interaction require establishing authority of one's distinct sentient indentity, the retrieval of imprisoned soul particles, the release of imploded contractile emotional energies, the establisment of your personal environmental space within your birthright life cocoon state of being.

Utilizing the most recent addition to Tom's arsenal of healing modalties, the Awakened Expansion Family Constellation Protocol™, you will be enabled to effectively clear Karmic imbalance of ancestral & family patterns, healing the contractile energies at the root of the problems, addressing them throughout all of your life time incarnations.

Working with me, we will explore your heart’s desires, and rid you of blocks, interference, and sabotage from within and from others. You will develop and receive:

  • Clarity of Focus toward the fulfillment of your Soul Purpose
  • Stable base of Spiritual Authority providing power to successfully overcome the challenges along your path toward enlightenment 
  • Reconciliation of internal resistence toward achieving your Heart's Desire
  • Resolution of destructive family and ancestral patterns that keep you locked into karmic imbalances
  • A straightforward plan of action with defined leveraged action steps that assure you of advancing significantly toward achieving your goals
  • Self – Empowering healing facilitation, effective skills to enhance productive execution of your Keystone action steps
  • Life and Business Mentoring Strategies applied to all challenges that you face, to propel you forward in Quantum Leaps toward living your Soul Purpose with Prosperity

Tom has worked in both allopathic medicine (20 years as an X-Ray technologist) and as an alternative health care practitioner (massage therapist, nutritionist, personal and spiritual growth coach for 23 years). He now focuses exclusively on spiritual and other energetic methods of facilitating healing.

Spirit called Tom during the past decade to develop new and powerful spiritual healing modalities that are suited to application within the new Paradigm of Expansion: Focused to assist you in developing your spiritual gifts & pursuing achievement of your Soul purpose, resetting your wealth blueprint; clearing Karmic imbalance & other-life-time issues; and utilizing his own methods of ancestral & family pattern healing, the Awakened Expansion Family Constellation Protocol™.

During the past 5 years, Tom was called by Spirit to expand his knowledge and achieve expertise in the fields of business, finance, and investing, through which he has developed innovative and powerful spiritual healing modalities to promote generating wealth from the pursuit of one’s heart’s desire and the fulfillment of one’s Soul Purpose.

Tom avidly pursued advanced educational interests throughout almost five decades: biochemistry of metabolism & cellular biology during a PhD program at Colorado State University; advanced myofascial & corrective therapeutic bodywork as a massage therapist; and thousands of hours of new thought & alternative healing workshops.

As we all have, Tom experienced his own pain of growing up and developed a deep and profound understanding as to how to release it and heal from the traumas that children experience. He loves sharing the wisdom he's gathered and road tested, to help you discover your own power, to achieve internal harmony, and realize your purpose.

Tom’s newest expression of Spirit comes to you in the form of his first published children’s book, “Erik’s Special Gift”, which is co-authored with Anita Hager, author of her “Be The Magic You Are” collection. 

“I was inspired to create the story of ‘Erik’s Special Gift’ from a spontaneous outpouring of Spirit which I share it in the hopes it will inspire you and other children, of all ages, throughout the world to begin realizing and fulfilling your divine purpose as a foundational element upon which to build your perfect life.” Tom Hudson