Virginia Rounds Griffiths

Virginia Rounds Griffiths

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$147 for 30 min Session

$197 for 60 min Session


As a Medical Intuitive:
I scan your body and clear any negative imbalances that are detected to bring harmony and balance back for ultimum wellbeing.  Quite often I pick up issues in your body that you are not aware of yet which can then give you a head start for the healing of that issue.  I lalso clear negative emotional issues held in the organs like the bladder, or the lungs and the heart and gut and clear brain fog and so much more.

As an Energy Alchemist:
I clear and remove negative entities and technopathic stress from your body.
I also work to clear houses, work places, land and buildings of negative energy and geopathic stress. Leaving your environment cleaner, happier and healthier and less prone to negative health issues for the entire family.

As a Past, Present, Future Coach 

Issues affecting you in the present are investigated by going to your past lives where the issue is shown to you.  We do the healing needed around that issue and then go forward to 5 or 10 years in the future, where you recognise the change you have manifested and how your life looks having done the healing from  the past 

I also am honored to work with the Lords of Karma:
Only with their permission, am I able to clear your karma and any past lives to help you move forward.

Virginia Rounds Griffiths

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Virginia is an Multi-Dimensional Energy Alchemist, Medical Intuitive  and Past, Present & Future Coach who works internationally.

Working synergistically with her TEAM they detect and clear negative energies causing blockages in all areas of her clients lives. 

Her great work as a medical intuitive has empowered her hundreds of clients with confidence for their way forward.

She is dedicated to stepping into Mastery to be of service to those who are searching to resonate and align with All That Is/Source.

I call my version of healing: Triple Heart Healing.- THH in which we invoke the Triple Heart i.e. Heart of Source-Your Divine Heart & the Heart of Mother Earth as the trilogy