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Kathleen Boyd

Pain, including 30 years of chronic pain, sciatica pain, knee pain, all release miraculously!

"My session with Nidhu was nothing short of Miiraclous! In her sweet, loving and caring way, Nidhu guided the clearing of 30 plus years of chronic bone pain and helped me strengthen my immune system. For me, this was a most joy-filled experierce - and a new beginning! I thank God for lending me Nidhu and her self - empowering program! Today I am NEW...."Brand New!""

- Kathleen Boyd


Rosacea in the Eye Cleared Up

“Not sure how Dipal did it, but I am so amazed at the results. Definitely not what I expected in 1 session!! I have been dealing with Rosacea in my eye for years and was getting ready to go to the doctors in 2 days because it started up again. My rosacea flares up at times and when I met Dipal she could see that my eye was watering, stinging, red and I was in pain. I couldn't even open the eye. It was so hard for me to see. In one session with Dipal, the pain , watery eye, stinging, all went away. I could keep my eyes open and they were no longer irritated and red. I was so happy that I even cancelled my appointments with the physician. It has been a few months and still no sign of rosacea in my eye, that one session did the magic. If you have not tried Dipal’s work, I highly recommend her for anything that may be going on in your body. She has the power to transform your body within minutes.”

- Peter

Paula H. UK

My Under Active Thyroid is fine, I am free of the Epstein Barr virus, I no longer have fibromyalgia symptoms, have more energy and feel so much better

"I was lucky enough to have a couple of sessions with Virginia a year ago. At the time I had Fibromyalgia and was also on Thyroxine medication for an under-active thyroid.

Virginia worked on my thyroid and also cleared the Epstein Barr virus which she found in my body. As a result I no longer take the thyroid medication, and just take a natural supplement.

I also no longer have fibromyalgia symptoms and have more energy and feel so much better in myself. I had been on the medication for 10 years so it was a real blessing to not have to take it anymore and also not to feel the pain and tiredness associated with the Fibromyalgia

Subsequent sessions with Virginia have confirmed my thyroid is still fine and I still am free of the Epstein Barr virus.

Her work is amazing and she is such a wonderful, caring person. I cannot recommend her highly enough." 

- Paula H. UK