Ayla Angelo

Ayla Angelo

Rating: 5 / 5

$147 for 30 min Session

$197 for 60 min Session


Quantum Multidimensional Energy Healer/Shaman assisting you to step into & 'remember' your own Divine embodiment.

Ayla Angelo

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Ayla was born with the Gift of Healing. She’s been a healer many lifetimes, and is here to Rock & Roll Humanity ushering in The New Age of In-Lightenment.

After years of dealing with intense personal struggles, Spiritual separation, surviving severe narcissistic abuse and suicidal depression, blackmail, physical injuries, and the debilitation loss of loved ones, and her heart’s dream’s and passions, she has come full circle into her own healing. Now, Ayla is ready to share with the world, with YOU, accelerated Healing for your very own life. No topic too much, too scary, too weird or Dark to bring to the table. Together we will clear the stuckness and ‘Inter-Fear-Ants’ affecting you, causing suffering on all levels: Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual.

It is time for all Beings on this Planet and throughout the All That Is, to remember our Unique Divinity- have it and experience it in the Physical Body NOW. In order to do this we must clear, heal, and unwind our traumas, dramas, stories wounds, interferences and unintegrated separated Soul Essence. These “issues” keep us perceptively blocked and locked away from Unity, Safety, Trust, Abundance, Health, Harmonious, Respectful Loving Relationships, and our Infinite Eternal Freedom, Happiness and Peace. It is the Ego and Personality Self that is hurting- Our Divine Self is beaconing us into ever evolving, full Multidimensional Consciousness and Communion with our Cosmic Bodies, Soul Tribes and Source.

This is where Ayla, her super awesome, kick-ass Spiritual Team, and her one and only Interdimensional Resort The Diamond Playground come in! Let Ayla assist you as you step into more of who YOU are, Your Power and Light, Your Divine, Authentic, Whole Self.

So Jump on In! It’s time to Play with Energy and Healing and All That You Are!!!!