Dr. Sonia Gupte

Dr. Sonia Gupte

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$147 for 30 min Session

$197 for 60 min Session


Doctor turned Healer. Journey through time and retrieve your scattered ‘Soul Fragment’ stuck in time and space. Magically re-energize your life with a piece of your Soul Energy. Work 1-1 to retrace your own unique Soul Journey for maximum impact.


My clients have had their problems for years, decades or their entire life. They have found no solution that has completely and permanently resolved their problem. Problems such:

  • Chronic health conditions for which there is no medical “treatment”, just long-term prescription of pharmaceutical drugs.
  • Emotional issues for which long term therapy has not helped, as the “core” of their issue remain untouched.
  • Issues involving “Self” – Self-worth, Self-trust, Self-confidence, Self-limiting or Self-Sabotaging behaviors, feeling “lost”, resulting in lack of success and happiness in personal life, work life, family life.
  • “Extreme Emotions” - Unexplained Anger, Sadness, Depression that have destroyed their health, family and relationships.
  • Issues involving Relationships, with Family, Friends, Colleagues, Bosses that have destroyed their families and careers.
  • Unexplained restlessness, anxiety, fears, phobias, sleeplessness that have destroyed peace in their lives.
  • Additictions, Emotional Eating, Weight gain that have taken control of their entire life and left them helpless


  • All of you who have tried everything but found no closure for their physical or emotional issues.
  • All of you who are desperately seeking permanent, lasting results that stay.
  • For all of you who are willing to harness the massive, untapped power of their Subconscious Mind to breakthrough and shift their situation (instead of depending on others for their “healing”).


  • Bringing about Permanent/Lasting Results by getting to the very Core, the root cause of the issue.
  • By Working1-1 as it is the surest way to achieve maximum impact. (I have witnessed that just listening to audio recordings, guided meditation videos, etc simply cannot bring about massive shifts in one’s life, as the core issue remains untouched.)

Your healing is a simple 3 Step process:

  • Step 1: The entire Soul journey is encrypted in our Subconscious Mind. By taking a deep dive into our Subconscious, we journey to the very core when the problem first began.
  • Step 2: We re-visit that trauma/experience, see it with different eyes to experience what went wrong then, heal it completely and take back the Soul Energy stuck there.
  • Step 3: Once healed, retrieved and integrated back, the Soul Energy magically transforms our present situation, here and now.

A variety of tools are used to achieve the above Experience and Healing. Deep Hypnosis, Regression, Inner Child Work, Energy Exchange, Past Life Therapy, Subconscious Reprogramming, etc using Video Call .


  • The experience of going back in time to understand the root cause of the issue brings massive awareness to the client .
  • Healing the root cause and learning the lesson through their OWN experience empowers them to understand life and not fall back in the same loop of failure and unhappiness.
  • Clients are more aware, confident and feel empowered after each experiential and healing session as they retrieve the soul fragments which were stuck in time and space.




Dr. Sonia Gupte

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For 15 years, I worked as a Doctor. I was trained to deal with hard evidence, medical tests and prescriptions. Treating “symptoms” and not the “root cause” is the biggest limitation of modern medicine. And was my greatest frustration. My quest for answers and desire to find “complete healing solutions” for my patients took me to Mind Sciences. Specifically the Power of our Subconscious Mind and how it connects with your Soul Energy. I learnt from world renowned masters, numerous techniques to take you on a Soul Journey and Heal the Soul Energies. Including Dr. Brian Weiss.

Regression, Deep Hypnosis, Inner Child, Energy Work, Past Life Therapy are my specialities. I have done 1000’s of cases worldwide in the past 6 years. Perfected the art of online therapy with breakthrough results, every single time. I train and teach this amazing science to empower others!


My work is guided by intuition, my expertise and my passion to achieve BIG RESULTS for my clients. Most of us believe that “burying the past”, “putting the past behind us” and “moving on” will resolve all our past issues. But keeping unresolved/ undigested past traumas and emotions buried in the subconscious continues to create negative influences in our present as the subconscious keeps duplicating those negative energies.


  • Obtained my qualification as an Integrated Clinical Hypnotherapist after completing the certification program from the world leading institute, EKAA Foundation.
  • Gained further expertise by completing the post-graduate diploma in Transpersonal  Regression from the world’s foremost training institute in Holland, TASSO Instituut.
  • Also studied Past Life Therapy from Dr. Brian Weiss, world renowned authority on this subject.
  • Passionate about training, mentoring and expanding the awareness of Integrated Clinical Hypnotherapy. Regular guest and presenter of radio and television shows.
  • Founder of enso-nia, Center for Mind and Life Transformation, USA.
  • Presently does not practice general medicine in the US.