Jit Gupte

Jit Gupte

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$147 for 30 min Session

$197 for 60 min Session


Permenant Pain Relief from high level pain. Remote Quantum Energy Healing for Yourself or Your Loved Ones. Anytime. Anywhere.

Jit Gupte

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Remote Energy Healing for Yourself or Your Loved Ones.

  • Jit specializes in the fast and permanent healing of chronic pain and is an expert practitioner of ‘Remote Quantum Energy Healing’.
  • His remote method has allowed clients across the US, Europe, Middle East, India, Japan and Australia to enjoy a pain-free life and he is virtually the “Family Healer” for many.
  • He is driven by precision results and his passion is to eliminate pain for everyone and ensure it never comes back.
  • His method focuses on precision healing to unravel every single layer of the Human Energy Body and clearing all negative influences within it that are attracting, causing and holding the pain.
  • His method is totally unique in the field of Energy Healing because it successfully clears the biggest hurdle in energy healing which is “The Soul’s Unwillingness to Heal”. This is a most crucial step that has consistently brought about quick breakthroughs and lasting results for all his clients.
  • After spending 35 years in the corporate world as an international architect working with blueprints for mega projects, Jit is now fully dedicated to working with the “Human Blueprint” and bringing us back to our perfect state of being.


  • Lasting results for years or decades of Chronic Pain, even after doctors, other healers or you yourself have given up.
  • Immediate results for sudden, urgent pain in emergency situations.
  • Success achieved with every single case.
  • Fast, almost overnight pain relief, even for long-term and high-level pain. In some cases, it has taken a few days, but the pain did not come back.
  • In all cases, the same pain has never come back.


  • Remote Energy Healing. Healing is done through personalized, remote, 1-1 healing sessions.
  • No Physical presence required.
  • No Permission required. For you or your loved ones.
  • No direct communication required. During the session you do not need to be on a call, or make yourself available. You can do whatever you would normally do.
  • Non-believers also see results.
  • No need to do anything during the session. During the session itself, you do not need to do anything at all. No Video or Audio call. No need to listen to any recordings.
  • Very little information required. You just need to provide the name, pain point and pain score. That's it.


This is a precision healing method that works on each individual Pain Point with surgical precision by accessing your complete Soul Records or Akashik Records for emotions across all time and space. Because each Pain Point has different energies attached to it, clearing them gives you never before seen results.

Experience the most complete pain clearing method that completely detaches you from pain causing energies for fast and permanent results:

1. We clear the 'Blanket of Negativity' that that you are carrying and that is causing and holding your pain. If you, yourself are HOSTING pain causing programs, then no amount of medication or healing will ever work. Until those programs are cleared.

  • All Negative Energies/Attachments/Dark Energies affecting you and attracting your pain.
  • All Negative Energies/Attachments/Dark Energies affceting your house and keeping you in pain.
  • All Negative Energies/Attachments/Dark Energies affceting your work space contributing to your pain.
  • Curses bringing you the pain.
  • Heart Vows retaining your pain.
  • Karmic Lessons/Ancestral Energies repeating your pain.

2. We clear the 'Unwillingness of your Soul' to release the pain. If your own Soul is UNWILLING to let the pain go, no amount of healing will ever work. Until your blocks to willingness are cleared.

3. We clear all 'Unresolved Emotional Triggers' across your entire Soul Records that are manifesting your pain

After a session has been completed, in most cases, the results of the healing will be immediately felt. Sometimes within hours, if not overnight or within days.. You will receive a detailed ‘Healing Report’ explaining all the issues that came up for clearing for you or your loved one. This is for your information and awareness only, as it can accelerate your healing. But the results will be seen whether you see the report or not, whether you believe in the findings or not. For upto 1 week after the session, you have 1-1 chat support with Jit using Whatsapp or Text to monitor your healing progress to ensure you have the results.