Cathy Hohmeyer

Cathy Hohmeyer

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$147 for 30 min Session

$197 for 60 min Session


Assisting you to regain greater health and energy through nourishing your multidimensional body and bringing balance & health into your daily life.

Cathy Hohmeyer

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I am Cathy Hohmeyer, a Functional Energist and Lemurian Starseed, here to help you be the master of your body blueprint by helping you understand the essentials of my self-empowering healing techniqies in 9 dimensions!

My passion has always been health and healing and nutrition. Starting out as an Occupational Therapist working in schools, hostpitals and nursing homes in Washington DC – I just “knew” there was more.

I have created Nutritional Energetics, Calibrating Your Multidimensional Body and Identifying your Ancient BioCode programs to assist you through the healing cycle and to provide asistance to YOUR natural healing process.  I also offer a unique Microbiome Balancing for an issue or area that re-creates balance in your body and field.

I am here to help you interpret your blueprint, increase energy levels through the 3 channels of the body and to help you find any biocode programs that may be keeping you in a chronic cycle plus infuse Nutritionals for better well being.  In a session we can use one or all of the techniques depending on YOUR energetic needs - see sample sessions below.

Explore my programs like Nutritional Energetics, The Lightwave Balancing Technique as well as my work with Nature to establish balance throughout your blueprint and restore symbiosis with your microbiome.

I have certifications for Lightwave, Emotion Code, Medical Intuitive (body scan), Quantum Activations and Belief work as well as Essential Programming. I work with pets too!!

Stay Nourished! 


Sessions offered - each session can/may contain these processes as needed and directed by your Higher Self.


            Chakra balance, 12 body system balance, elemental balance, nutritional infusions

ReCalibrate Your Multidimensional Body debuted on FHTJ

Nutritional Energetic Training - debuted on FHTJ

Ancient BioCode Training - debuted on FHTJ


Medical Inturitive

Emotions Code with or without body readings

Infused water recommendations for followup and frequency change permanence