Cristina Bevir

Cristina Bevir

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$147 for 30 min Session

$197 for 60 min Session


The Female Body and the Mother Line, Ancestral Family Dynamics, Sacred Relationships and Sacred Creativity, Negative Energy Architecture Removal, Transitioning into a Unified Field, Soul Alignment, New Earth

Cristina Bevir

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I am a Multidimensional Healer with 30+ years of experience in the esoteric arts, and, the creator and teacher of Sacred Embodiment - The Method (SETM).

SETM is an extremely powerful energy healing system that subtly aligns the physical body so it can swiftly release unwanted emotional and energetic burdens, often ones that people have been struggling with for decades, if not lifetimes, and, across dimensions.

Through blending my work with the Original Human Lightbody with Systemic Constellations Work, I cut through to the heart of the matter and bring you into directly alignment with your Soul, creating deep and sustained changes in areas of your life that include family, relationships, and, comfort and acceptance of the body.

Using specialist techniques for the removal of negative energy architecture, siphoning systems, implants, and mind-control technologies I help you rapidly move your energy field into higher vibrational states and ultimately restoring your Original Human Lightbody - a perfectly spherical unified field, all the way up to Universal Level.