Gizella Turbok

Gizella Turbok

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$147 for 30 min Session

$197 for 60 min Session


Health Issues, Source Healing, Womb Healing, Relationship Transformations, High Performance Coaching 

Gizella Turbok

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Gizella “Gigi” Turbok is Transformational Healers who devotes her life to helping people transform their lives on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. She is a Certified Theta Healer and Instructor, and she is also certified in Reiki, NLP, Pranic Healing, Akashic Record Readings, Divine Opening and holds a BA in Psychology and a Masters Degree in Sport and Exercise Psychology.

Despite being a health conscious person and on the spiritual path for over 15 years, in 2013, Gizella found herself facing a sudden growth of tumor into a basketball size ovarian cancer. After a life-saving surgery, Gizella decided to take the “natural” way of healing, combining all the energy healing modalities that she already practiced, however her healing did not take place until she found the missing link to true healing and transformation. She completely defied the odds of surviving; she is a living proof of how energetic and emotional healing leads to physical healing of the body. 

Today Gizella is happy, focused, determined and cancer free! She not only healed herself, but she also found her true passion and calling to help others heal as well.  Her mission in life is to bring an awakening and healing energy that can help others transform their own lives. Her clients and students have been reporting amazing results in their health, relationships, finances, athletic performances and well-being. 

Her life’s motto is: As a former professional athlete, cancer survivor, and energy healer, it’s now my mission to help people discover their true essence and greatness.” ~ Gigi