Leslee Nelson

Leslee Nelson

Rating: 5 / 5

$147 for 30 min Session

$197 for 60 min Session


Fields of Light Master, aligning highest potential, awakening empowerment and ascension into one’s gifts.

Leslee Nelson

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Leslee Nelson is a Feilds of Light Master who has been attuned to a unique energy gift given and known to her since childhood years. Leslee can tune into Universal Frequencies, seeing beyond the physical world we experience with our eyes into the subtle energies that surround everything that we cannot see. She connects clearly and quickly with these frequencies disclosing the blocks that shutdown her clients’ ability to manifest their desires.

Developed and evolved over a period of years, Leslee has created the unique transformational modality known as Templates of Light, Love, and Language™. Templates of Light, Love and Language™ are a holographic symbol language. Leslee creates these templates in drawing form defined as fields of light. She also creates them in sound transmission form defined as light language, from a collective counsel known as the Divine Galactic Sisterhood. Combined together these frequencies brings one back to a soul remembrance with one’s original soul blueprint and sends information directly to one’s higher self to create harmony and balance for highest potentials to be accessed.

Leslee’s Templates of Light, Love, and Language goes beyond understanding our history, healing our traumas and wounds but will connect us with a universal energy that allows us to shift our perspective, bring our soul updated information, connect to new forms of healing and abilities on our planet that are lying dormant in our DNA. 

Her work brings an infinite array of possibilities, including but not limited to healing, harmony, balance, and happiness.  Her clients benefit and those individuals who have a relationship with her clients also benefit, from family and friends to co-workers and acquaintances. The results from Leslee’s work are exciting and amazing with many fun surprises.