Simone Valentine

Simone Valentine

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$147 for 30 min Session

$197 for 60 min Session


FREE yourself from limitation! Intuitive guiding messages and energetic processes to remove subconscious blocks holding you back in all areas of life, thus allowing space for clarity, upliftment, and tangible shifts in your physical reality.

Simone Valentine

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I am Intuitive Spiritual Life Coach Simone Valentine.  I consider myself a perennial seeker of Truth.  During my formative years I used to “church surf” looking for the right spiritual place to call home.  The search continued in college, centered inside the pages of the great literature I had immersed myself in during my course study.  Never really finding that home or a sense that I fit in anywhere – be it in church, school, or work – I decided to move across the U.S.A. to attend graduate school studying filmmaking after the events of September 11, 2001.  While the glow of Hollywood lights dazzled my surface mind and goals, it was in California that I experienced my most profound spiritual awakening. There I turned to meditation, deep spiritual study, and different energy healing modalities to heal the holes in my life.  Through these pursuits I discovered my own healing gifts and my life purpose as a Lightworker. I am an intuitive empath, Reiki TUMMO and Pranic Healing practitioner, Universal Intelligence Mentor, Medium, and Affirmative Prayer Warrior.  My great joy is to assist those committed to healing their lives.  My mission is to have everyone on the planet consciously connected to their Divine Guidance on a consistent basis, thereby shifting the face of the entire planet!